1. NEVER pay interest on your credit card.

2. Pay your credit card balance in full every month.

3. - For most of the good travel credit cards you need a credit score of roughly 725. Use this website to check your credit score.

4. Plan ahead. Usually you need to give yourself 90 days (depending on how much money you spend) before you will receive your travel points. All of the travel credit cards you will learn about have a minimum spend needed before you get your travel points. You don't want to just blow money on stupid purchase to get your travel points. The game plan is to use the credit card on every day expenses.  DON'T waste money on stupid purchases.

5. Most of the travel credits cards you will learn about through this website charge an annual fee every year, however, that fee is generally waived the first year. The way to beat the credit card companies is to MAKE SURE TO CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARD BEFORE YOU ARE CHARGED THAT FEE.